The Westport Woman's Club


President Dorothy M. Packer
First Vice President, Special Interests Jeannette Tewey
Second Vice President, Finance Barbara Stemmer
Third Vice President, Ways and Means Suzan Murphy
Secretary Wynne Abrams
Treasurer Robin Clark

Communications Anne Hunt
Community Services Sarah Menchaca
Curio Cottage Susan Loselle
 House  Deb Fratino
Membership Joan Likely-Cosenza
Parliamentary Advisor Susan Fox
Program Ana Hitri
Rentals Mira Auxier
Past President Dorothy Curran
Yankee Doodle Fair Kim Reichert
Christina McVaney

Bulletin Editor


Rose Jordan
Lorraine Feliciano

Office Manager Elizabeth Greenawalt
Resident Manager Lilbet Rojas

Westport Woman’s Club Board Members 2016 – 2017

 Pictured: (front row, l-r) Deb Fratino, house; Robin Clark, treasurer; Susan Loselle, Curio Cottage; Ana Hitri, programs; Susan Fox, parliamentarian, Dorothy M. Packer, president; Barbara Stemmer, second vice president, finance; Susan Murphy, third vice president, ways and means; (back row) Christina McVaney, Yankee Doodle Fair co-chair; Anne Hunt, communications; Sarah Menchaca, community services; Dorothy E. Curran, past president; Mira Auxier, rentals; Wynne Abrams, secretary; Nancy Hallas, grounds; Kim Reichert, Yankee Doodle Fair, and Jeannette Tewey, first vice president, special interests.