November 2010

Westport Woman's Club Hosts Sissy Biggers

Lifestyle expert and television host Sissy Biggers joined the Westport Woman's Club as their guest speaker at the November 1 Club Day.  Ms. Biggers, a Fairfield County native, spoke with candor and humor about her career path to become one of today's sought-after personalities for numerous shows for ABC, CBS and NBC in addition to radio, print and internet media. She is a recognized expert in the hospitality industry, full of inspiring advice on a variety of topics ranging from family entertaining and home keeping solutions to dining on a budget. 

Her start in the entertainment field was on the other side of the camera.  After a brief stint in Hollywood, Ms. Biggers returned to the east coast to manage and troubleshoot two live shows known for their direct takes on daily news and cultural trends – David Letterman and Saturday Night Live.  After ten years she was let go without notice, but responded with her signature upbeat take on life. "I wasn't fired, but pushed from the nest." Ms. Biggers took the opportunity to do a career assessment and transitioned to her role as television host.  Comfortable with a microphone, she knew enough about cooking to be able to build a dialogue with celebrity chefs on Ready, Set, Cook, one of the first cook-off competitions featured on the then fledgling Food Channel. Her career path has taken her to many venues and opportunities, each one leveraged to propel her forward.  Of the odd and unexpected in her career, she grins broadly and simply says, "I accept the challenge."

Ms. Biggers takes that approach in her personal life as well.  She and her husband, Kelsey Biggers, recently took on a labor of love patiently restoring the vintage Harris Hardware Store in Southport to become Southport Galleries, where artwork from old masters to contemporary artists is showcased.  The goal of the gallery is to ma

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