The Westport Woman's Club Scholarship Committee awarded 10 scholarships at the May 24th Breakfast Ceremony held at the Westport Woman's Club.  The Scholarship Committee (Wendy McKeon – Chairlady, Sandy Atwood, Dorothy Francis, Amy Schneider and Catherine Smith),  spent many hours reading each and every transcript, meeting the scholarship recipients during the interview process at Staples High School and finally deciding who the 2013 recipients will be. 

The scholarship awards are based on student's scholastic record; no lower than 3.0 academic GPA, financial need, students’ efforts to contribute to his/her financial needs for educational purposes, community service and accomplishments in education.  Awards will be made on the basis of financial need and scholastic ability.

This year's scholarship recipients are as follows:

Michelle Lee received the Lea Ruegg Scholarship and will be attending The University of Connecticut.

Nicholas McCarthy received the Emily B. Fuller Scholarship and will be attending Fairfield University.

Brianna Reedy received the Ina Bradley Scholarship and will be attending The University of the Arts.

Audrey Reedy received the Most Active Woman's Scholarship in honor of Jo Fuchs-Luscombe and will be attending Chapman University.

Elizabeth Zaffina received the Westport Woman's Club Scholarship and will be attending Sacred Heart University.

Jasmine Henry received the Westport Woman's Club Scholarship and will be attending New York University.

Fallon Bottone received the Westport Woman's Club Scholarship and will be attending University of San Francisco.

Shannon Connors received the Westport Woman's Club Scholarship and will be attending Eastern Connecticut University.

Margaret Mills received the Westport Woman’s Club Scholarship and will be attending the University of New Hampshire.

Gillian Manantan received the Westport Woman's Club Scholarship and will be attending Norwalk Community College.

A poem written by Wendy McKeon, Scholarship Chairlady, honoring the 2013 WWC Scholarship Recipients:

Today -  at the Westport Woman’s Club - here

We’re all filled with such excitement and lots of good cheer…


Today is the day that all our members wait for –
To give away the money we raised…  we only wish it were more!

The ladies of the club do all that they can do –
Working hard all year long – to get some cash for you…

Our Yankee Doodle Fair is one fun way we earn some “dough”
But with the state of economy, very far it does not go!!

We all try our best to get the funds that each of you will need
To have a college experience where you will most succeed…

Your parents must be so proud of each and every one of you
All that you’ve accomplished … and all you will continue to do

The Westport Woman’s Club wishes all of you the best
Have lots of fun – study hard – remember you are blest

Here’s hoping that you find success in your days at college
And future success in all you do after gathering all that knowledge…

Remember -  that one of THE MOST important things
Is to give back to others – and watch the joy it brings

You are all destined for greatness – Never think any other way
It’s truly been our pleasure to grant you our scholarships today!!!!!


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