The Westport Woman's Club

WWC Club Day Luncheon – October 2018

Flamenco, a derivative of the spanish word for “fire” or “flame”, was the program focus for October’s luncheon.  Thanks to a past WWC Member, Penny Pearlman, members embarked on a historical journey from 1774 when flamenco was “voiced”, to the Golden Age of Flamenco (1850-1910) when spanish cafes and restaurants pulsated with Moorish influences and staccato sounds of dance. 

Penny and her flamenco instructor, Yohanna Escamilla (a native of Bogata, Columbia), provided members with an interactive flamenco lesson, as well as performed a variety of  flamenco dances.  For more information on Yohanna Escamilla’s accomplished background, flamenco instruction, and upcoming local performances,  visit